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Bruce Cost Fresh Ginger Ale makes it to the Today Show…

you gotta check out the host’s face when she takes a sip of the BCGA…
She exclaims with a face looking like it just come out of a backhand slap,”It tastes like ginger.”

Yeah duhh, lady!

BCGA on the Today Show

back slapped by ginger!


a ginger ale round ’em up

check out this post from pointing out the ginger ale-mania happening and reviewing the bunch. See for yourself who gets the accolades.

There’s also an entertaining Godzilla clip in there as a visual aid to the author’s description of what a good ginger ale tastes like, but our favorite description is, “tastes like drinking pins and needles, like drinking down a sneeze”. Yes!

Did you read it? Our favorite Bruce Cost Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale gets the accolades.

Run out and get your Fresh Gigner, Ginger Ale at Dean & Deluca’s across the city.

DRY Soda comes to NYC

We’re proud to announce DRY Soda is now available in the NYC metro! Available for delivery starting now.

all 7 flavors

We just got all 7 flavors of this awesome soda in from Seattle this week. If you’re not familiar with DRY Soda, it’s just as sounds- an adult gourmet soda without all that sweet sticky gunk.

It’s a low calorie, low sugar, all natural, soda coming in seven genuinely unique flavors: Lavender, Lemongrass, Blood Orange, Rhubarb, Juniper Berry, Vanilla Bean and Cucumber.

ever drink a cucumber before?

These home-grown soda makers are keeping the count down low…each 12oz. bottle has just 45 – 70 calories and 11 – 19 grams of cane sugar! The result…less sweet and more fruit, flower and herbal flavors!

The packaging is nice too, isn’t it?

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Check out a recent interview with DRY Soda’s creator, Sharelle Klaus and the DRY Soda site for more deets.

Which one will you try first?

Call us for an order today!