About Us

Hi, how are you? We are Craft Division, a working subgroup of Paleewong Trading Company. We’re an importer and wholesaler of beverages for the inspired palate. We’ve been distributing in the New York metro area since 1977 and Los Angeles since 1993.

We specialize in beverages for the pan-Asian niche seeking out items that compliment the theme and cuisine. We later realized a good beverage knows no boundaries and multiculturalism can actually expand horizons and bear new flavors. In other words, a good drink is a drunk one and we began listening to our taste buds. They told us to start selling more gourmet sodas and craft beer in addition to our current imports and mainstream beverages. Check out our updated 2012 brochure here.

Our whole essence can be summed up in this 20 second song by the Descendants below. Please take the time to hit play:

So browse around, take a look at our drinks and drink a little of our tastes. Hopefully you’ll like something along the way and make our day.

For the whole story, visit our main site.

Cheers from Craft Division by Paleewong Trading Co.