a ginger ale round ’em up

check out this post from Salon.com pointing out the ginger ale-mania happening and reviewing the bunch. See for yourself who gets the accolades.

There’s also an entertaining Godzilla clip in there as a visual aid to the author’s description of what a good ginger ale tastes like, but our favorite description is, “tastes like drinking pins and needles, like drinking down a sneeze”. Yes!

Did you read it? Our favorite Bruce Cost Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale gets the accolades.

Run out and get your Fresh Gigner, Ginger Ale at Dean & Deluca’s across the city.


One response to “a ginger ale round ’em up

  1. I came for the Godzilla clip and am staying to say I never liked ginger ale until I had food poisoning last week and it helped settle my stomach. Seagram’s though. Canada dry is too sweet.

    We’re talking about real ginger ale here, aren’t we? You kids and your weird drug references throw me off sometimes.

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