The Sake Story tour 2010

November is the start of sake brewing season in Japan, and thanks to Mr. Toshi Kojima of Sake Story, we were lucky enough to get a guided tour by brew masters and proprietors of five breweries spanning from Iwate prefecture in the north down to Shikoku island in the south.

Each bottle of sake we carry came alive as faces and personalities painted a third dimension to the one-dimensional view of each brewery and its environment our palates delineated. It’s like seeing a movie after reading the book, but actually fulfilling and even enlightening. Actually, it’s probably more like reading the book after watching the half-assed movie adaptation…you get the idea.

Between the sake-induced nights and hazy Shinkansen dreams, there will probably be a few random posts about lost meals and missed trains, but here are quick links to the core of the trip- the sake breweries:

Hakuyou Brewery, Fukushima prefecture
Senkoma Brewery, Fukushima prefecture
Tsukinowa Brewery, Iwate prefecture
Nakagawa Brewery, Tottori prefecture
Housui Brewery, Tokushima prefecture

The brewing process is structurally similar throughout the breweries visited, but they all differentiate from one another in style and artistry. Half the joy is talking to them about it, and the other half is drinking their craft. Pick up a bottle and enjoy!


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