konichiwa monsoon

So an American expatriate living in Tokyo reviews a wine from Thailand. That statement might make you take the review with a grain of salt, but the review is for http://www.eRobertParker.com and the writer is a part-time wine educator for Tokyo’s Academie du Vin…sound convincing yet?

Here’s her review:

Siam Winery Monsoon Valley White 2007
Retail price: 1365 yen
86 points
This wine is made predominately from the locally grown Malaga Blanc grape, which judging purely from tasting, I suspect is not entirely vinifera. Nonetheless, while the presumably hybrid nose / flavors are unusual they’re also appealing. There is an unique, medicinal, somewhat eucalyptus aroma to this wine complimenting the lemon and savory seaweed nuances. The light to medium bodied palate has crisp acidity balanced by a touch of residual sugar (though still a dry style). Medium finish. This could go very well with Asian cuisines and I for one can’t wait to taste a bottle with a plate of Pad Thai or a bowl of Tom Yum soup. Drink now. Tasted August 2008.

Pretty nifty. Read the reviewers other top Tokyo wine picks here.


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