Singha Loud! goes pop…

PUNK! Check it out:

Singha Loud! 9-24-08

So, fist we’ll have DJ Shit Yousef throwing down some misanthropic punk tracks that’ll make your bowels drop heavier than a raving GG Allen on laxatives. That’s at 8pm until the first band goes on.

First up is the Kung Fu Monkeys caressing your ears with sweet, melodic bubble gum pop that’s so lovable, you’ll forget how to hate. You can probably stop wars with just one of their 7″s. yes, you can! And it’s said this performance is their first American gig in 3 years! So come on out of that closet!

Next we’ve got the Lost Locker Combo. A super group of sorts comprising of more than a dozen rotating members, each with a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to three-chord, kick-your-butt-and-make-fun-of-you school of rock! A giant reference book of pop punk in matching red sweaters, these cats will teach you the 101s of pogo dancing.

To cake off the night are The Unlovables. They’ve got power, they’ve got pop, they’ve got punk. They are the toughest girl power pop band on the block. Yes, there will be girls here! so comb your hair, put on your dancing shoes and leave home to go to the show!

After the bands, DJ Shit Yousef will clean himself up and do it all over again with a set of punk songs spanning the gamut of garage to grime.

Take the L train Bedford and go down N. 6th until you see the Singha!


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