Singha Loud! presents…

8pm – WEDNESDAY, August 27, 2008
@ Public Assembly
70 N. 6th St (btw Berry & Kent)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

After an all out, over the top Singha concert in NYC featuring Assanee Wassan last month, which was possibly the largest gathering of Thai nationals this city has seen, the beer bottle cracks open again for another live band party. Only this time turning to NYC locals for a good time.

Singha Loud! takes a step back from the inter limelight and goes underground to quench its thirst for musical enlightenment. August 27th brings together 3 bands from 3 worlds for a clash of audio decibel levels too gigantic to constrain. In other words, it’s going to be loud.

like music, like son

Be there or be square!

Starts at 8pm with DJ Hayden Honey crunching the cdj with Asiatic indie tunes and DJ Mar Galo switching it up with 60s style garage and fuzz to get you amped up for the first act.

9pm – Madam Robot & the Lust Brigade wails up a mash up of spacey garage that clams with desire and rage like a bender machine going to town on your mom’s new boyfriend.

10pm – Red Ghost Revolt takes the stage only to slam your face with their wall of well crafted jingly shoegaze rock fronted by a vocalist belting out with pipes even Bob Mould would be jealous of.

11pm – The Hsu-Nami will walk on stage and have you scratching your head to their peculiar form of fantasy rock lead by a Chinese instrument called the “erhu” that you sometimes see old Chinese dudes playing in subways, but backed with a balls out metal outfit pushing the limits of melody and speed. The galloping bass lines, double kick drums, thrashing guitar and fierce howls of the erhu paints a picture of what Genghis Khan would bang his head to while conquering central Asia…if there were such a thing as amplifiers back then.

12am – its not over yet …more guest DJs and possibly a surprise guest band is plotting to emerge from the alcohol fumes and sweat of nighttime fun.

be there!

Take the L to Bedford and walk down N 6th until you see the Singha!


update!! this just in, Poison Ivy League will slip into the midnight slot knocking you into tomorrow with their costume adrenaline pop punk tunage!!


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