Asanee-Wasan "Lion at Heart" world Tour

Singha turns 75 this year and to celebrate they’re going international, rock star style. Embarking on a world tour with a Thai duo rock group any ’80s kid with a cassette player in Bangkok would know. Asanee-Wasan, cited to be the first musicians to manhandle Thailand’s mainstream music industry by writing and performing their own music. Who’da thunk!

Over two decades later they would become Singha’s chariot around the world as they visit Thai expatriates playing free concerts spanning the globe from Sydney, London, Los Angeles and New York.

June 8, 2008 they hit New York landing at the recent music hall Terminal 5. Two hours before show time a line of Thai expatriates line the block coming from all over the east coast to pump their fists with comrades who sing the same remembered songs in the same language. In case anyone forgot the lyrics, they were also projected on a screen behind the stage forming probably the largest karaoke party known on this side of the hemisphere.

Terminal 5, capacity of 3,000. sold out.


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