Moisturizer @ Bar Nine, NYC

Moisturizer @ Bar Nine

Sax induced night of booze promos in Hell’s Kitchen! The same night we booked Moisturizer at Bar Nine, the Knob Creek / Jim Beam girl was there buying free shots for everyone and anyone that showed interest.

The Singha was also flowing as it was on special for $4. We made a trade off with the Jim Beam girl and took shots of her bourbon. In return we got this lady drinking Singha as she pushed bar goers to take shots. A double whammy!

Venturing out of their usual Brooklyn stomping grounds, Moisturizer were excited to play mid town, and when they got on stage, mid town reciprocated. With their low baritone sax grooves over distorted rock ‘n roll bass lines and a fast paced, up tempo beat, this Hell’s Kitchen hide-away came alive.

The night ends with new friends and hopefully new trends.


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