9th Avenue Street Festival, NYC

Ae behind the wheel
Photo Originally uploaded by Singha Beer Event

Introducing the Singha Wheel! Spin the wheel for color coded prizes. There’s a 1 in 18 chance of you getting the jackpot, which is a genuine Singha T-shirt designed by yours truly. Although not the best of odds, we were feeling generous and evened the wheel out a bit with 4 red slots yielding a nice cold Singha.

At first, we didn’t think it’d generate much interest, but were we wrong. We ended out the weekend with a little over 1,000 spins (each coming with a dollar donation to charity, the Foundation of Slum Child Care in Thailand). Combined with the merch sold, we were able to cover our costs at the street fair and raise just about 1,000 USD!

So in the end we all win. Rain swooped down on our parade most of Saturday, but the sun was in full shine on Sunday. Some good sausage rolls, a seafood stand was across the way serving up raw oysters and fried clams, roasted corn, the works.

Back on the wheel…people just like to measure their luck. It don’t really matter what the prize is, as long as they win. You can’t lose every time. Right? Thinking back, it was exciting. Complete with ‘oohs and ‘ahhs’ when the wheel would stop or go over just one short of the jackpot slot.

We inadvertently devised a one-two combo to attract much foot traffic to our booth. Catch their eye and reel them in with laughter and curiosity provided by “Eat More Rice Bitch” T-shirts, then nab ’em at the wheel by tingling their desire to win free stuff. It works visa versa too.

Then after breaking down and packing up Sunday, there was a 1960s themed Thai party out in Queens. We all got dressed up, danced ’til a quarter to three and woke up with aches and pains once again the next Monday morning.


One response to “9th Avenue Street Festival, NYC

  1. Hi there,

    Is it possible to buy one of these t-shirts? They look great!


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