Fight Night

was yet another hit selling out before the doors opened. Singhas were stacked at 100 cases, in cans! The fact this fight series is held at a church- The Church of St Paul the Apostle on 9th Ave and 60th St, NYC- lent it an aura of legendary status…even the gods were following the kicks and punches of the ancient muay thai arts. And drinking solely Singha, no less.


Branding schemes peaked with selling Singha T-shirts for $12, or $10 if you wore it right there. Plastering the bathroom doors with Singha magnets let the lion spread into the hands and homes of fight goers as they were all taken by the end of the night. Our post party at Bar Nine drew a bit thin, but all that came chose Singha as their beer of choice so can’t complain that much. I took a few videos that I’ll eventually upload someday.



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