Singha Beer goes to Boston – Mayfair Fest 2007

Thailand’s King Bhumibol is currently the number one nominee for Time Magazine’s “The Time 100” this year. He’s trailed by JK Rowling and Korean pop star Rain, see for yourself here. There is a flaw in the stats though. Where it says “Number of Time Covers: 0,” King Bhumibol was actually on the cover in 1968.

The only reason why I know this is because the “Thai Kingdom” restaurant in DC displays a framed picture of this cover among other Thai royalty posters, relics and paraphernalia covering the interior. If you’re in the area take a peak into this museum of natural royalty. From Rama I to Rama IX, they cover it all.

Anyway, this year is also the king’s 80th birthday. We’re celebrating this auspicious occasion several months early at the Mayfair Fest in Cambridge (the King’s birthplace). Singha Beer and Sam Adams are the two beer sponsors this year, but something tells me Sam Adams will still overshadow us. In any case, it’s going to be a good little celebration as we’re setting up the beer garden with the nice people at Om Restaurant. Stop by and say hello, our beer garden will be on JFK St and Brattle St. We should have our new line of T-shirts ready by then too, so come get one! Sunday, May 6th in the heart of Cambridge. How ’bout them Red Sox?


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