ThaiTakes3 Fundraiser Party at Stay

ThaiTakes3 is an independent film festival comprising of, you guessed it, Thai films.

There’s a nice list of “new wave” auteurs on the roster including the first Thai to win a Cannes award Apichatpong Weerasethakul, the saturated colors of Wisit Sasanatieng, and the stylish, rebel edge of Pen-Ek Ratanaruang to name a few. But like many things independent, they’re still in need of the green so this fundraising party was held last night.

Taking place at this LES party nook called Stay, the evening kicked off with a free Singha Beer happy hour from 6pm to 7pm. Singha neons were put up at the bar and the hoppy, lioness lager was free flowing until 7pm on the dot. After that no one bought another because there simply just weren’t any left to buy.

Raffles were held, paintings were donated and t-shirts were on sale. Thai movie buffs both farang and Thai were there to eat the free grub and support the festival.

A short film submitted by a Thai-American out of Queens was shown as a sample for the many shorts being screened before each main feature during the festival. But enough about the party, go out and make Thai Takes 3 a success!

Opening night is on April 13th at the Museum of Moving Images in Astoria, Queens with a party reception staring Singha Beer and La Sante wines. After the reception Wisit Sasanatieng’s The Unseeable shows at 8pm.

How else you gonna celebrate Thai New Year! Happy 2550!

Check here or the Thai Takes 3 myspace page for a complete schedule.


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