Project Runway at EMC2 – Partay!

For all you fashionistas, Singha was present at Emmett McCarthy’s opening line party at his store in SoHo, EMC2. The former Project Runway star was of course there in prime form greeting guests, selling clothes and drinking Singha (afterwards at least).

The party’s final Singha Beer count in cases came to a whopping three, mostly due to our buddies at Cachaca Fazenda Mae De Ouro who were on hand flexing their cachaca muscles with their ever-tasty caipirinha drinks being made in the back.

In attendance were about 80 to 100 socialites in their mid 20s to a few in their 40s mingling over free drinks and telling us stories about their various adventures to Thailand.

The best was the one guy who told us about how he got “separated” from his group at Pat Pong and lead into one of the infamous “pussy shows”. Once up the shady stairway and into the show area, this guy’s brain flickered back on and decided to leave before he got ripped off. Prying himself away from the nagging host he finally made it down the stairs and out the door only to be smacked in the head by the host, who was according to the storyteller about half his size.

“I turned around and watched the little guy run back up the stairs behind two huge bouncers,” he says, “and for a minute I thought about going after him, but I let it go since I was in his country- and also because of the two bouncers guarding the doorway too.”

All said with a chuckle of amusement, the man declared his fondness to his first trip in Bangkok. Moral of this story: Don’t get lost, drink Singha in a group.

Another story came from an older, self-professed Asiaphile intermittently lurking around the party in circles and stopping at our booth to refuel.

In between inquiries of how cheap it would be to buy a house and if women would like him there, he asks us about Thailand.

“You know about the ‘levels’ in Thailand, right” he asks.

“Levels of what,” I ask back.

“How could you not know,” he asks almost in shock. “My buddy tells me so much about it.” I was only able to respond with a blank stare.

“It’s like a sex den and each flight of stairs you go up specializes in a different styles. You can get an orgy with two girls one level, two girls and two guys on the next, and every level is something different,” he explains with an eerie glee.

At this point our friend Dave Cachaca walks by handing out caipirinhas on a tray. I grab one of the drinks and make him pose for a photo. Afterwards I go to the back for some limes that were conveniently lacking in my drink.


above: Cachaca Dave saves the day

Moral of this story: Don’t become a sexpat in Thailand, otherwise you won’t have any interesting topics of conversation when back in your home country drinking Singha Beer.


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