The Celebration of the Suds

The Atlantic City Beer Festival was held this past weekend and Singha Beer represented one of the nearly 200 other beer and beer-related brands in attendance.

The first session Saturday from noon to 4.30pm was tame. Beer tasters wandered about swishing 2 0z. gulps from one booth to the next in a calm, orderly fashion. The second session on the other hand, from 6pm to 10.30pm, the place turned into a zoo. A meat head in his late 30’s threatened to have us “wear our beer” in response to not filling his tasting glass over the 2 oz. mark, girls asked us to put Singha stickers on their T’s and A’s, dudes tried to finagle free Singha merch and most disenchanting were the people walking by exclaiming, “oh, this beer is pretty good, it’s from China.”

They were either trying to impress their dates with false pretenses of “beer knowledge,” or Tsing Tao, who had a booth several isles behind us, sounds a bit too similar to Singha.

“How do you pronounce it, shing-ha?” asked one. Is there an sh in the word Singha somewhere?? Anyway, although it is pronounced sing in Thai, we like to keep the pronunciation phonetically as is, Singha, so as not to confuse the already confused audience.

We went through 6 cases the first session. The second session we went through 10. Conserving our stock for Sunday’s session (we only had 21 cases for the entire fest), we cut the crowd off at 9.30pm, not bad as last call was 10pm, but tell that to hundreds of beer swiggers “tasting” beer for the past five hours.

There were other booths there promoting other goods and services besides beer. There was the Taiwanese massage station across the way, Mr and Mrs Beef Jerky giving out gamy samples, 103.1 FM Shark Radio – the Classic rock station – and best of all was the pretzel/ mustard booth where everything was made with hemp as the main ingredient. The mustard was good. Spicy, rich and nose cleansing, they sold out before I was able to get a sample bottle for myself.

The beer fest wasn’t all bad though. People came by and shared the mustard with us, talked about recent and past trips to Phuket and Corat, and people who genuinely enjoyed the crispy hops of Singha Beer. We salute thee!

Singhas and Lambos

This Singha Beer fan poses for us with his Lambo outside the Borgata. This is how our clientele rolls.


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