Singha Singles in Boston

This was supposed to be a Chinese New Year celebration along with the Hong Kong at Harvard Square’s 53rd Anniversary party. Alas some lady spewed out an invite to her email list for a “Single’s Party”. You know, those parties where you have to label yourself with colored name tags – Green means go, red means stop…and no means yes.

The party was at the Hong Kong. The Hong Kong opened 53 years ago and was the first Chinese restaurant in Harvard Square. There’s even a plaque across the way dedicated to Paul’s father, San Lee. The Hong Kong is a Harvard Square landmark and about 200 people showed up to this Singles thing.

We had signage up all around the room, tabel tents, pos lying around, and a huge banner out front. Singha was promoted at 2 per bottle from 8pm – 11pm. the account ran out of beer at 9.30pm. We went through 10 cases…

Some people drank Heieneken and the Bud, some drank the scorpion bowls,
but singha was about 80% of the crowd. We gave out keychains and
matchbooks. The waitresses and bar staff wore singha logod tees and polos.

There was a huge line outside the hongkong when i left at 10.30pm.
they were getting ready to open the dance floor on the 4th floor where their infamous scorpion bowls run amok with the late night and no where to go crowd. On
line, people were saying how excited they were to see Singha there… Paul
liked this and decided to keep it on as a mainstay. Go Singha!

Bar staff and waitresses wore Singha T’s with pride and a pair of scissors


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