beerless initiatives

The Royal Initiative Discovery Reception
Tuesday, March 6, 2007
Cafetasia on 38 E. 8th St @ University St.

There was a chilling -10 degree windshield factor last night and getting to the event with ears, fingers and toes in tact was a feat in itself.

Arriving during the cocktail hour, the first thing noticeable was the bar. And the abscense of Singha around the room. Sangria’s, fruit cocktails, wines and even bourbon glasses fill the room with warmth. i of course order a cold Singha beer and put table tents up on the bar so people don’t forget there’s chilled beer available. Onwards with the event.

Launched by TAT, The Royal Initiative Discovery is a project aiming for rural development, poverty alleviation, and obviously Thai travel and tourism. At least from what i googled.

The mics weren’t working properly and all the speakers were drowned out first by static and then murmuring side conversations spreading across the room. Food was spectacular with shrimp cocktails, fresh oysters and thai staples like pad thai and satays not too far behind.

People talked, people ate and people drank. It couldn’t get more Thai than that.


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